Kishe thane qe nuk po te lejoj me i pa femijet, sa here me ke lane ne prage te deres tu kajte, sa here ke ik naten nga shpia? Sot te kam bo hasem edhe pse...

You said that I won’t let you see the children anymore, how many times have you left me on your doorstep?

Hello, your staff, I respect you, if you had written all those fictions, I decided to answer that story, not to you, but to the website of Lexus, especially to the young women who fell victim to me this month, and you are a person without a drop of conscience and shame that tomorrow I have another place and I ruined my life. What have you done to me? I don’t know where to start. Tears are my point because you are the father of my children. How long have you hurt me? Do you think that one day, a girl? we have appeared before the great Allah. You said that I am a believer in God, heh, a man who believes in God, tell me how far away from his children he can be and leave me on the road without a single solution and get rid of him because his mother always kept him away from me. bad road, we believe that that’s the only reason you don’t love your mother, because you’re behind, have fun, listen to me and what she left, I believe that my heart is hurting, where am I going to write to you, you know her heart well, what she’s been through, you know how many times have you left her at the door of your house and she has grabbed your hand, how many times have you left the house at night, you have run away and when you woke up she did not see you, she lived in fear that someone would hurt her in her sleep that you have after a bad friend, cry, girl, today you put me down in the worst way, I’m crying, I’ve forgiven you 10 times for years, and you still remember me, how did you hurt me with these words, do you just want to hurt my heart like this? since I left her 10 years ago, I took her and ran away, leaving two children, it’s a mistake if I want to be the only one, you left me the wrong way, but it never happened, if you say that I’ve gone of a fortune teller, tell me that I did something to you, well, I’ll tell you who did it to whom, because they are not fake, I know that someone said something to you, you told me something, pom, I’ve gone the wrong way, a devil is coming after me everyone says to me, come out, let me know when we were together in the middle of the night, there was something in your throat and I was holding your breath. for your friend, I don’t even know you, you know very well how many times I yelled at you, don’t hang out with me, I met someone, even if I didn’t know you, they came, they came, they came, I’m sorry, I’m sod, what do we encounter, we believe that we encounter these actions of yours I know why my heart is empty, I know that you, with those fortune-tellings of yours, that you are doing, make me connect this blood that makes me sick to my heart, today, I miss most of your blood, I am often unable to live a normal life At that moment, I ran away with tears in my eyes because you said you are leaving me without my child. God, no, I’m with that god, I’m sorry, even though you’re with us, I’m still crying, I’m begging you, God, guide me, even though you’re the most humane way possible. I was crying amo, spaska, the pain is bigger than a mistake, someone made a mistake, stick to what you have and even care for me, someone who is your collar, believe in life, run away, have two children with them all, think that you are good and ski my heart, hurt me, I am looking for you, amo You’ve lost your soul, man, and I’m closing with the word Ishallah, may God guide you, because you have two sons with me, and I’ve also raised them for their mother.