e tradhetova gruan me kojshiken

Msyshi has separated us my love, I am waiting for your call because I will make the world the happiest!

Hello, dear readers, I wanted to write a life story like everyone else, ah this life often brings surprises. The reason why I decided to record the story is that the separation hurt me a lot and as a person with feelings that I am, I listen to a song that has a similar meaning to my story, and today I listened to a song called Dutêm per te by our great singer Sabriu and in fact I pray for you dear that you are well. Breaking up with you hurt me a lot, you stopped me in time, it brought me many thoughts and endless paths, but I still understand you and respect your decision, even though in fact, neither of you is to blame, because greed/greed came between us and a lot. I prayed that you will calm down one day and be well because I am still waiting for you in silence and if it is written I will make you the happiest in the world because I love you, I believe that when you read this story you will understand a little bit who otherwise I will save it in our archive and we will read it together one day. You and I were a kite for a miracle, we were the same as a twin and in fact we are also a soul mate because based on our stories and the challenges we had earlier in life, they all send us to that part where only soul mates experience them. My dear, I still call you that because you were always everything to me and you will remain so, but I don’t want anyone to take your place, but it’s better to remain dry and in the end like that than to lie to someone who thought I loved him because we couldn’t fall in love with anyone. It is somewhat incomprehensible for those who have not experienced loving someone for decades, meeting them after many years, being happy for a few months, and everything ends when an evil person incites evil, greed or greed comes in between, please don’t prejudge me because we are both readers of this page and I will read every comment. Our story dates back to the 90s and we both had failed marriages and after many years of living alone after the separation we came into contact and during the conversations we started to have feelings for each other and after many meetings we started our relationship that which lasted for several months until evil came between us and we parted. I was willing to give my best for her and she only gave her best for me when I was close to her but there are still evil people who can’t find someone they want, I didn’t believe in something like black magic but now I think otherwise. So I prayed for you X really every night that I fall asleep because I love you but we also prayed that you ask for some surahs and listen and you will be relieved even the day so that you can take care of your children at least properly. I loved you in silence from the time we were in the dormitory and I will wait to see you again one day with God’s help, I hope that one day you will be yourself again. I have already gained weight from the boredom of our separation, but I also have the same feeling about you that you are overweight from boredom and I have a question, can you tell me somehow, is it worth it to split a soul in two when we joined them, more I’m sorry, you know what you’ve lost until you come to your senses. I would like nothing more in life than to see you the way I met you at the beginning of our relationship and then it’s all in your hands to decide but even our photos show how happy we were and that was love that neither of us had experienced earlier from our previous marriages. You readers don’t prejudge why we are already separated without reading the story that we weren’t even married to each other but we were a happy kite, and there are many marriages that don’t work and betrayals happen but not us because I swear to you that when we we met only when we were separated and we did not destroy any previous marriage to get together but we were free in two ie separated. We were a kite that never wanted to harm anyone, but secondly, we have always helped others as much as we could, such as from the economy or spiritual support, but the way the whole earth behaves now, it is also brought to us, so we share and have I need someone to help us to bring back our happiness, I prayed to God because only in him I believe that one day I will be offered again close to my soul that I miss so much that no one believes except God who understands my pain. My dear, we prayed for you, for your children, my children, that one day we will be back completely as we were and live happily as we were those months. Dear readers, please do not comment on me with words so that we are hurt more than we are because we need good words and support and not words that reduce our will to live because we only have it from the wicked, but it is your decision what you will mark but at least pray for us. I apologize for the effort you have made to read this far but I needed to express and since this page gives that opportunity then I wrote down my story, I have a lot in my heart to write down but for that I also used my laptop to write down stories from experiences that I had with you my dear X. I miss you a lot and you are the only one who heals me my hurt soul, but even though you don’t understand the whole situation now, I begged you that you found out that I passed away, give me a flower at my grave, even though it’s too late for that, but my soul will watch from above. I’m still waiting for your phone call to hear your sweet voice because you’re the one who made me happy every morning and I want us to continue like that but not far away but close to each other. I love you and only you and you are the one who made me happy, but I begged you to return the happiness you once gave me and to continue the part of life together that we have left. Thanks for reading the whole story.